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Krissta A profile

Krissta A profile

Information, bio and profile of model Krissta A.

met-art model krissta a

Met-Art model KRISSTA A

Current Age 21
Eye Color GREEN
Hair Color RED
Height 167 cm
Weight 43 kg
Breast Size Small
Measurements 83/58/88
Country Russian Federation
Ethnicity Caucasian

Extended Bio

I love to travel to Europe on vacation, going to parks and the old little streets of ancient cities. I love opera, especially the Italian one. At home, in Russia, I sky, snowboard, and I am very fond of chess and attended drawing classes. I Often dream of distant travels and love adventures.

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    – It is funny to see pictures of baby Tuesday baceuse she looks just the same but older! My girls looked very different and still do but I do see some convergence as the months pass. Your girls definately look like they came from the same parents but Tuesday got the garrison genes and bennet got the pence genes. I think you should tu for #3 to see whose genes are dominant November 25, 2012 9:59 pm

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